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The DEAI Framework: Strategies for Advancing Inclusion

This keynote covers barriers and enablers to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI). Topics include change theory, resources for enhancing inclusion, and how to lead change in your organization.

Investigating Unconscious Bias

This exploratory keynote defines what unconscious bias is, barriers to decision-making, power structure, and the link between unconscious bias and recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Intergenerational Workplace: Strategies for Working Across Generational Cohorts

With five generations in the workplace, our organizations are becoming increasingly diverse in the ages of our colleagues. This keynote gives audiences insight into the cultural differences between generations, and how to leverage strengths to bridge relationships across generations.

Engaging Men as Allies

This session explores the importance of women in leadership positions across the globe. Participants gain the knowledge needed to understand the importance of gender equity in leadership, and how to help empower and be champions for women’s development.


This keynote covers rotating topics based on current trends, industry news, and the needs of an individual organization. Past topics have included how to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, conflict resolution, leading change, DEAI budgeting, managing executive staff, and how to introduce DEAI to your board of directors.

Customized Keynotes

For clients looking for customized keynotes to match their specific organizational needs, Makeba is able to design tailored engagements.

Individual & Group Coaching

Women's Empowerment Group Coaching

Surround yourself with other women looking to continue striving in their personal and professional lives! This women’s empowerment group is meant for women looking to move into the next level of their career or business. Group coaching topics include breaking through barriers, leadership strategies, self-motivation, and pushing past fear to action.

Reinventing You: A Roadmap for Charting a New Course

Are you feeling stuck in your career or position? This individual coaching program helps participants realize what is positive and healthy in their lives, and what needs to be adjusted to get “un-stuck” and chart a new course.

Workshops & Training 

Combating Unconscious Bias

This 3-hour workshop begins with defining what unconscious bias is, barriers to decision-making, and power structure. Participants gain skills to mitigate unconscious bias, go through an implicit bias test, and leave with strategies for recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Navigating Conflict

While conflict can often be a healthy way to work through challenges, it can also lead to long-term damage to professional relationships. To avoid negative conflict, we have to better understand our own communication style and the styles of others. This workshop helps participants build the skills to understanding different communication styles, pause before reacting to others, and the relationship between communication and power and privilege.

Facilitated Conversations

Facilitated conversations, or “courageous conversations”, are known to spark break throughs to help individuals relate to one another in a more empathetic way. Topics are highly customized to the needs of an organization and have included conversations around race, gender, rankism, conversation style, power dynamics and more. This multiweek experience is created to inspire openness and real change. Additionally, train-the-trainer services may be provided to your organization’s facilitators to help them build the skills to facilitate these impactful conversations.

Customized Workshops

For clients seeking a customized workshop that specifically fits the needs of their organization, Makeba works in consultation with you to design a tailored workshop.

Consulting & Strategy 

Makeba is an internationally recognized thought leader and consultant on diversity and inclusion, global talent management trends, leadership development and organizational culture change. 

Makeba’s favorite design of Kente cloth is called, “Adwinasa“, which means “all motifs are used up.” The cloth was created in an attempt to please the Asentehene King of Ghana. In the creator’s effort, he used all the motifs known to the Asante weavers in one cloth. The pattern was thus viewed as one of the top quality, and the most prestigious of kente cloths woven exclusively for Asante Kings. It symbolizes creative ingenuity, innovation, excellence, wealth, and superior craftsmanship. It is significant because it tells a story of how no single thread in a cloth or tapestry can become beautiful without the others.

Much like the work that Makeba does in developing organizations—not one individual, department, nor single entity can be effective and innovative without connecting with the other. It is the diversity within the single thread that, once joined together, you get the best product, work, design, team, and organization.

Makeba’s primary goal is consulting and strategy work is to connect leadership, teams, and boards to the organizational goals by fine tuning vision, leveraging assets, and driving innovation through diversity. 

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